• CIRD founders after GA
  • CIRD founders at office
  • CIRD Board Meeting
  • Official registration of the first 2GI
  • Visit of Spainish Ambassador to ST
  • Visit of AECID to ST
  • Visit of Spainish queen to Cambodia
  • GI Regional WS in PNH
  • Visit of EU Ambassador to Kg. Trach
  • Study visit of PGI team to France
  • CIRD-FAEC-ADG Meeting at PNH
  • Meeting CIRD-ADG in Belgium
  • CIRD Cives Mundi meeting in Spain
  • GRET-CIRDAPICI's SC meeting
  • Foundation GA of SRAC in ST
  • FAEC Board meeting in PNH
  • Meeting MoC-AFD-GRET-CIRD with KPPA in Kg. Trach
  • Monitoring visit of CG92 to GRET-CIRD project in Siem Reap
  • Third annual GM of CIRD in Phnom Penh

Radio Program on Quality Rice seed Multiplication


DVD Label4 17 Nov 14

                             Radio Donwload