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To fulfil its mission, CIRD develops and implements agricultural productivity improvement projects to raise food security, quality and safety. On-farm research, training and dissemination of research innovation results are our key methodological process. CIRD advocates the government and donors to invest in agriculture in ways that promote food security and food safety through crop diversification, more sustainable water management and eco-friendly land-use. This will help to reduce the proportion of poverty in rural areas and help to foster a sustainable agriculture system compatible/consistent with current environment and conservation policy. To contribute in agricultural development, CIRD provide technical and managerial support to organizations of family small-scale farmers who need to secure their food supplies and access to markets in order to sell the surplus of their produce. Facilitating the access of good quality agricultural products produced by rural households to the markets is a key strategic area of our intervention to enable farmers to generate their incomes and for poverty reduction within rural society.

Since its foundation to date CIRD has got funding support from various national and international funding agencies and clients (directly and through its internal partnering NGOs: GRET, ADG, Cives Mundi, …) such as AFD (France), AECID (Spain), Conseil General Hauts-de-Seine, CEPF/IUCN, DG-D (Belgium), EU, FAO, HAI (England), HEKS (Switzerland), ICCO (Netherlands), PIN (Czech Republic), IFC-World Bank group, IFAD/MoC, USAID, … to implement different agriculture-based rural development projects for the benefit of around 15,000 farmer families and their organizations in more than 300 villages in 14 provinces of Cambodia. Besides, CIRD collaborates with different national and international companies commercializing Cambodia agri-products and linking them with small and medium rural farmers and farmer organizations.