Organizational Background

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The Cambodia Institute for Research and Rural Development (CIRD) is a non-governmental professional organization founded in 2009 by a team of qualified agriculture-based rural development specialists with the mission to fighting poverty, to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in Cambodia through capacity building, service and organizational management support enabling rural livelihood systems to improve its position from a subsistence system to an income-generating agro-food production and agricultural social enterprises system compatible/consistent with Biodiversity and Environmental conservation. CIRD works directly with Farmers Organisations (FO) and local communities to provide technical and managerial capacity building and appropriate agricultural technical know-how to ensure that family farming households can improve their lives and livelihoods in self-determination.

Up to 2019, CIRD works directly with around 15,000 farmer families and their organizations in around 300 villages in 14 provinces of Cambodia. CIRD currently works directly with over 200 farmers organisations (Farmers Groups, Business Associations and Agricultural Cooperatives) and Federation of farmer organisations such as KSPA, KPPA, FAEC, FCFD, CFAP, CESPA, CPSF, FOPAs … to provide technical and managerial capacity building and agricultural technical know-how, ensuring farmer can improve their livelihoods in self-determination. For this purpose, CIRD collaborates with agro-product buyer/exporter such as Confirel, Amru Rice, Signature of Asia, Sela Pepper, Farmlink, Dy-Anann, Ned-Speice, Gebana …) and links them with rural farmer organisations (Agricultural Cooperatives, Producer Groups, and Business Associations). Along with long term development projects implementation, CIRD also provides expertise in the fields of agricultural productivity and quality improvement, to conduct rural socio-economic study, project baseline surveys, development project identification, feasibility study, appraisal, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, to provide technical expertise on farmer organization management, to support farmers or producers groups to improve their farm product quality standards, assist them to do market promotion and linking them to market. Besides, CIRD collaborates with government agencies, development partners and market operators to promote and strengthen the commercialisation of farmers products in both national and international markets. A more detail list of CIRDs current specific target areas and fields of intervention are presented in the attached documents.



In 2019, CIRD implements medium (2-3 years) and long term (3-10 years) development projects in 14 provinces of Cambodia while some of these development projects and some research projects of CIRD work on sectors level at nationwide.